Import clothing from Adobe Fuse CC

1. Prepare your 3D model in Adobe Fuse CC

  • Download and install Adobe Fuse CC (preview) from the following link.
  • Choose MaleFitA (for men clothes) or FemaleFitA (for women clothes) body parts.
  • Add clothing of your choice to the character.
  • Optional – customize it’s textures and colors.
  • Save it into Mixamo cloud for auto rigging.
  • Export as an UE4 FBX.

2. Export high resolution textures separately for UE4 PBR material

  • Select clothing only.
  • Change texture resolution to 1024×1024 or 2048×2048.
  • File -> Export textures -> Unreal Engine 4.

3. Edit the model with 3D Studio Max and export it as an FBX

  • Extract and open the downloaded FBX file in 3D Studio Max (or in your favorite 3D modeling software).
  • Remove everything (body, eyes, default, etc.) but the clothing .
  • Remove unnecessary faces from the sleeves.
  • Export into FBX.

4. Import the asset into UE4 and add it to the products menu

  • Import the FBX file that was previously created with 3D Studio Max
  • Select “as skeletal”, and choose the MaleFitA skeleton
  • Import texture files separately
  • Open roughness texture and uncheck it’s RGB parameter
  • Create a blank material and add all the imported texture files as Texture Sample nodes
  • Import Occlusion mask and the thumbnail (files are located at c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fuse CC (Preview)\Data\Domains\Mixamo\Cloths\CLOTH_NAME\)
  • Open the MainUI blueprint, and add the the asset to the products menu
  • That is all! It’s ready to do some tests.