Virtual Mirror Plugin for UE4


Virtual Mirror  plugin for Unreal Engine 4 allows developers to use Unreal Engine 4’s Blueprint visual scripting system to create Virtual Mirror experiences as seamlessly and as easily as possible.

Key Features

  • Accurate avateering
  • Automatic fitting, based on joint positions
  • Easy import pipeline from 3D Studio Max, Maya
  • Customizable gesture controlled user interface built with UMG and blueprints.
  • APEX clothing simulation
  • Try on multiple clothes at the same time
  • 3D hand occlusion / 3D masking (experimental)
  • Image based lighting
  • Photo booth functions with social media sharing (currently “Take photo” and “Facebook sharing to a predefined page” is supported)
  • White label solution, with C++ source code!
  • 100% blueprintable no coding knowledge required
  • Supported platforms: Windows 64bit
  • Compatible with Unreal Engine v4.14 v4.27
  • Updates for 1 year!
  • Latest plugin version: v1.10 (2021-10-11) Changelogs

Supported motion sensors:

Custom C++ integrations (with exposed blueprint functionality) for all type of sensors listed below

  • Microsoft Kinect for XBOX ONE – Kinect V2.0 (MS Kinect V2.0 SDK)
  • Kinect v1.0 (OpenNI2/NITE2)
  • PrimeSense Carmine (OpenNI2/NITE2)
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