How to import clothing?

You can use any 3D clothing with the plugin, just make sure to use the same skeleton as the sample clothes.

First of all you need to export male / female avatars from the content folder (MaleFitA, FemaleFitA) as FBX, and design your new clothing for one of them.
After the clothing is ready, you need to copy the “skinning data” from the avatar to the new cloth, and save as an FBX. (For this you can use the skinwrap modifier in 3D Studio Max)

1. Before skinning

  • Select the cloth and set it’s pivot point to the origin (0,0,0)
  • Go to the utilities and reset X-Form
  • Collapse the stack

2. Use 3D Studio Max’s Skin Wrap modifier to map skeleton weights from the avatar to the clothing

  • Add “Avatar” (so the modifier will project skinning weights from the avatar to the clothing)
  • Wait until the skinning process is done.
  • At the end press „Convert to Skin” button
  • Use the Skin modifier to fine tune the skinning if needed
  • Deformation engine: Face deformation
  • Weight all points: True

3. Import the asset into UE4 and add it to the products menu

  • Import the FBX file that was previously created with 3D Studio Max
  • Select “as skeletal”, and choose the MaleFitA skeleton
  • Import texture files separately
  • Open roughness texture and uncheck it’s RGB parameter
  • Create a blank material and add all the imported texture files as Texture Sample nodes
  • Import Occlusion mask and the thumbnail (files are located at c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Fuse CC (Preview)\Data\Domains\Mixamo\Cloths\CLOTH_NAME\)
  • Open the MainUI blueprint, and add the the asset to the products menu

    That is all! It’s ready to do some tests.