Getting started


Running the DEMO :


  • Plug in, and install your motion sensor!
    (Kinect, Kincect v2.0, PrimeSense Carmin 1.08 are supported)
  • Place your motion sensor around 150 cm – 200 cm from the floor.
    Make sure the floor is clear. (Around 3×3 m free space is required.)
  • Start the DEMO by clicking on one of the .bat files (start-Kinect_v1.bat – Kinect v1.0 (Kinect, Primesense, Asus XTION) or start-Kinect_v2.bat – Kinect v2.0)
  • Press “F” – for fullscreen mode!
  • Make sure your legs and your head are visible both on the video image, and on the red silhouette!
  • Stand around 2-2.5 m distance from the sensor.
  • Do a little movement, walk a few steps back and forth,so Kinect can recognize you. A red silhouette will appear on the left bottom of the screen.
  • Raise your hands as you can see on the pictogram!
  • After the side menu appears,you can start selecting items from the right menu.
  • You can filter by categories on the left, select women’s, men’s wear, and remove outfit on the top.
  • Adjust the size of your outfit if necessary using “+” and “-“ keys
  • Press the photo button on the top to make a photograph of yourself

If you like your photo select “Facebook” to publish your photo on Facebook.

Photos, and some meta data like plugin version , sensor type , fps ) are published on the following test page:…94706277566343

(Published photos will be used only to improve the quality of the plugin.)


Unfortunately currently there is no way to package a project that includes a plugin without source code.  Also it’s not possible to package a blueprint project with plugins. Fortunately this plugin comes with full C++ source code, so it is possible to package your project on every platform.

1. Windows

  1. Install Visual Studio 2019 – community editions are also working
  2. Launch unreal engine editor
  3. Create a new C++ code project without starter content
  4. Copy all files from SampleProject directory to your new project directory
  5. In UE4 editor File -> Refresh visual studio project (optional)
  6. Exit from unreal engine editor
  7. Launch your new project from epic launcher
  8. Click on rebuild missing DLLs when prompted
  9. Click on File -> Package project -> Windows -> Windows 64bit