Facebook application

I. Facebook application

1. Creating a new APP

To use the share on Facebook option you need to create a graph api application.

  • On https://developers.facebook.com/apps, Add a new app. (create developer account first if necessary)
  • Click on the basic setup link at the bottom
  • Name it anything you like, and select a category (for example: Fashion)
  • Settings -> Advanced set app type to desktop/native
  • App Secret in Client – no

2. Access token

  • From extended permissions, check:
- publish_actions
- publish_pages
- manage_pages
  • Login as prompted and allow everything
  • Click on send, you will see your accounts/private pages in an XML form with the associated tokens.
  • In this list, find the Facebook page you want to use for photo sharing
  • You can find the access_token below the name of the page

3. Extending Access Token Expiration Time

  • Use the URL below the extend your access_token’s expiration time